Prof. B.K. Behera has taken over as the Head of Textile Technology Department


Department of Textile Technology, IIT Delhi, jointly with NITRA, Ghaziabad, has been designated as Center of Excellence for PROTECH segment of Technical Textiles by the Ministry of Textiles, GOI. The main objective of the Centre is to create and maintain infrastructure for manufacturers of Protective Textiles ( PROTECH) in the country. The proposed activities of the COE are as follows:

  1. Setting up of international level facilities for testing and evaluation of PROTECH.
  2. NABL Accreditation for the testing labs and facilities
  3. Development of Resource Center with IT infrastructure to serve as a knowledge and reference base for entrepreneurs and users of protective textiles. It will also include the development and maintenance of an exclusive website on PROTECH.
  4. Facilities for training of core personnel dedicated to activities related to PROTECH segment of technical textiles.
  5. Facilities for in house and on site training of personnel from the industry.


    Department of Textile Technology, IIT Delhi has also been designated as the knowledge partner in the Centre of Excellence in AGROTECH segment. This Centre of Excellence, to be set up jointly by SASMIRA, Mumbai and Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari, will be involved in activities similar to those mentioned above, in the area of technical textiles used in Agriculture or AGROTECH.

    Prof. V K Kothari is co-ordinating the project.