Prof. B.K. Behera has taken over as the Head of Textile Technology Department

Programmes Offered

Undergraduate Course offered: 4 years (8 semesters) B.Tech. Programme.

The Department offers an undergraduate programme leading to B.Tech degree in Textile Technology. During the first two semesters, the students take courses in basic sciences, engineering arts and sciences, and humanities and social sciences which are common to students of all disciplines. During the next two semesters, the students take a set of departmental core subjects in Textile Technology. From the fifth semester onwards they opt for departmental elective courses. In the new curriculum, there is increased emphasis on design, product and process development activities. In the final year, students are required to work on a project under the supervision of a faculty member. They also undergo practical training in an industrial establishment as part of their overall engineering education. Click here for the details


Course offered: 2 yr. (4 semesters) M.Tech. Programme.

Three M.Tech. programmes, in Textile Chemical Processing, Textile Engineering and Fibre Science & Technology are offered. The Textile Chemical Processing Progamme (New) has been designed to meet the needs of textile wet processing sector and that of dyes and chemicals and fibre industry. The Textile Engineering students are trained for mechanical processing of textile materials, while the Fibre Science and Technology students are trained for the manmade fibre industry as also the chemical processing of textile materials.

The graduates are especially suitable for research and development work in industry and also in technical services in respective areas.
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Course offered: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programme.

Current areas of Doctoral and post-doctoral research include study of structure and properties of fibres and fibrous materials, analysis and design of yarn and fabric formation systems, mechanics of production processes, comfort properties of textiles, optimization and mechanism of dyeing and preparatory processes, eco friendly processing, micro encapsulation, antimicrobial finishes, nanotechnology applications, plasma treatment, design of technical textiles, smart and innovative textiles, medical textiles, polymer composites and apparel engineering. Areas of Research Interest